Is my hiatus over yet?

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Yeah, not quite. Although things are beginning to look normal …


… we’re still working on it.

tangle-of-wiresIn the meantime, my Victory Vegas let me down too. After a wild ride over terrain best suited for a dirt bike, I checked my lights for no reason.

Well … except the rear harness got ripped out once before going over a rough road. Anyhow, no tail light, brake light from the front brake, front left turn signal and no menus on the electronic speedometer.

I’m almost sorry that I looked.


Throughout October, there must be two or three doctor appointments every week.


At least the ball got rolling again on the front end. Replaced the front wheel bearings…

(There’s supposed to be a pic here of the front wheel but I deleted it by accident. Maybe I really do need a hiatus…the vacation kind.)

replaced the front fork oil seals…

(Yep, deleted these pics too)

painted and cleaned up the headlight bucket and ears…

(Uh huh)

and started working on the front brakes—rebuilding and painting.

(You got the picture…no pun intended).

On that note, here’s to hoping a better week is on the way next week. I’m resigned to the fact that it will be a slow week/month. That’s okay. I’ll take whatever time in the garage that I can get.

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