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Now that the transmission is working, it’s time to get back to it.

Since the brakes (sans lines) along with new handlebars and risers are on, it’s time to tackle the electrics. This may take a while…and then some. I’ll be scrubbing, inspecting, cleaning and checking all the terminals, wires, connectors and pieces to the puzzle. The naked eye, especially mine, won’t be able to see every little crack, split, tear or whatever but…I’ll try. Fortunately, the wiring on this bike is fairly simple and straightforward.

I broke away from electric work today because, as usual, I’m waiting for parts and supplies. Instead of loafing, I decided to look at the fuel delivery system—specifically, the air box.

Now I only have so many more hours left on this earth and I’d rather not spend any of them fiddling with carb adjustments because I installed way cool and super fast-looking air pods. I’ll stick with the stock air box which is a pretty good design, by the way.

The box was a riot. All the foam had crumbled to dust. There was next to nothing left in the air box. Time to rebuild and re-seal the stock air box.

For starters, how about a new air filter for $53 and a couple of air hoses for $13? Yeah well, it is a good design.

The electrics will be close to completion in the next week, provided the parts show up. Then, I’ll finish the air box and probably dig into the carbs.

I’m looking forward to trying some special fancy painting on the tank and side covers. Soon, I hope!

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