I’m back (again)

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Things were progressing very well at better than a snail’s pace. But as I started to figure out how to mount the rear fender, it became apparent that the bike was stuck in gear. It wouldn’t shift up or down. It wouldn’t roll. It was stuck.

The external shifting mechanism looked okay from the gear shift shaft to the mechanisms behind the clutch, except for the shift drum. It wouldn’t move, without me manually manipulating the dogs. Even then, it wasn’t going into or out of gear.

It was obvious that it was time to … again … split the cases (ugh) and check the transmission.

To make a long story short, the cases were split. The gear sets removed and re-aligned with the shifting forks. I put the motor back together and shoe horned it into the frame.

This picture looks familiar but it’s a new pic. Honest. Basically, it’s two steps forward the one step back to where I was a week or so ago.

Oh well, it’s over and time to move forward. I’m just glad the trans works at this point. Onward and upward!

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