Mounting instruments or gauges

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Previously on B.Y.O. Bobber, I fabricated a bracket for relocating the speedometer. It didn’t quite work out as planned. On the OEM gauge, the cable attaches to the bottom of the gauge and the cable runs downward, perpendicular to the ground. On the aftermarket, the cable attaches to the back with the cable running parallel to the ground.

Version I of the bracket centered the gauge in front of the handlebars. The cable virtually wanted to extend over the headlight, front and center. Version II moved the bracket to the left. While it was better, it wasn’t what I had in mind either.

Version II

An entirely new approach was needed because the speedometer wasn’t going to be happy living between the headlight and idiot lights.

With a little bending and shaping, the unit looks like it can fit nicely on top of the cam cover. The fuel tank’s narrow enough at the front to allow the rider to see the gauge. Safe? Yeah, it takes no more effort to see the gauge perched on the cam cover than it does to see it in the factory position…or to check the rear view mirrors. Simple eye movement is all that’s required.


Today we had the first snow flurries for winter 2015 – 2016. As the snow and frigid temperatures arrive here in PA, I’ll be preparing to hibernate. It gets too cold at my age to spend lots of time in an icebox, otherwise known as a garage. Space heaters help but not enough to make it feel like spring time.

I have my list of things to do before hibernating. With any luck, each line will be completed and leaving nothing to do in the spring but start and tune the motor. So maybe another five weeks or so of playing in the garage and writing posts…followed by eight or ten weeks of hibernation.

Yeah, already looking forward to spring time!


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