Working on the wheels, tires and suspension (1 of 2)

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The idea here is to get the bike up and on its legs. It’s been hanging from the engine hoist. Now it needs to stand on the ground so I can see how it measures up.

The additions are:

The front wheel got new bearings and black wheel paint. Brake disc was inspected and cleaned up; new disc washers were added.

Same deal with the rear wheel.

The wheels are wrapped in new Shinko tires. They’re inexpensive but good tires for the money.

The steering head got new bearings, some new hardware, some new cushions and paint. I couldn’t help but get a new “S” emblem for the front fork cover.

The front end was completely resealed with new fork seals. The lowers replaced with 1983 lowers, then painted.

A set of gaiters were added to give it a different look.

With the change of riding position, I’m fairly certain adjustment will be needed at the handlebars. I found a set of adjustable (pull back and rise) risers that are Rox knockoffs…but way cheaper. I’ve never used adjustable risers, so we’ll see how they do.

I’m expecting the next post will follow shortly and will show completion of the wheels and suspension.

After that, it will be the brakes with dual discs up front and a single disc at the rear. Everything needs rebuilding.

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