Three bikes are better than one

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I’m tired of winter…and it hasn’t even started. Normally, December looks something like this in the Lehigh Valley…


However this year, the weather here in the Northeast has been downright balmy compared to normal temperatures for this time of year. During Christmas week, we saw temperatures in the 60s. There may even have been a 70-degree day in there too.

I’ll take balmy every time!

Usually my every day ride is mothballed by Thanksgiving. This year, the Victory Vegas wasn’t winterized until just before Christmas, and it could have been delayed into January. Nice!

The mild conditions gave me extra time to work in the garage without cranking the heater to ‘max’ while still wearing layers of clothes. That scenario gets old real fast any more.

The ZN is finished to the point where it just needs to be started and tuned. That’s it, and then it’s back on the road.


The ‘new’ 850 got stripped down a little and received a good eyeballing to see what’s there and to figure out a plan. Will it be another bobber? How about a restoration? Just scrap it for parts? Alright, the third option is out for now. The sheared exhaust bolts aren’t a deterrent to rebuilding at this point.

A used cylinder head from eBay is on the way.


It’s easier to buy and install a cylinder head than to mess around with removing the sheared exhaust bolts. That’s something I can try with the head off the bike. If I can get them out while keeping the bolt holes round and intact, then I’ll just sell that cylinder head.


I know winter will arrive eventually. And, the bikes will have to wait a couple of months before I get back to molesting them. In the meantime, here’s my garage.



If one is good and two is better, then three must be better than better. Yep, it is.

Number three is a symbol of good fortune. Look it up. From mathematics to mysticism, three is a good thing. Now I just wonder if a fourth bike could squeeze in there somewhere.

I’m not sure when the next post will appear. Maybe in the spring, maybe next month. Until then, B. Y. O. B. and live your truth!

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