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More items have been checked off the “to do” list since last writing.

First off, the freewheeling starter motor was fixed. No more strange whirring sound when trying to turn the motor over.

The electrics are just about done. A relay is in the mail with the hope that it fixes the last remaining electrical issue (that I know of). Otherwise, the fuse box and wire harness are complete. New lights—tail/brake light, front turn signals and rear turn signals—are wired in.

The front headlight got a little bling just for the fun of it.

And, the instrument gauges got all new bulbs.

The clutch got a new cable when I overhauled the unit. The cable was a Motion Pro cable and it was a real bear to pull. I’m not what I used to be, but the pull made me feel like a weakling. So I bought and installed a new OEM cable, gave it a healthy dose of lubricating oil, routed it a slightly different (odd) way and now it pulls like butter. Nice!

The saddle mount was finalized and installed. Bungs were welded into the frame then ground smooth and painted. It looks good…the saddle sits nice and low.

The tank and side covers are finished. The paint job isn’t perfect but it’s time to stop monkeying with it to try to make it perfect. Monkey business usually results in causing more problems than were originally there. No pics until it’s mounted in place and ready to roll.

The rear fender is mounted solid to the frame. It started out to be the same color as the side covers…but now it’s black.

All that’s left if to tune the carbs, install the tank…oh yeah, and install the brakes. It’s a long story, but they’re not in my possession at the moment. Yep, turning into a long story. Hopefully my next post will be “all clear” and riding down the road. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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