My sandblasting rig is a blast!

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A few years ago, I began parting out old Japanese bikes and selling them on eBay. It’s been an enjoyable learning experience and gave me some extra income to boot. After a few go-rounds with heavily rusted parts, I looked … Continued

Prepping the fuel tank for paint

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The internet is flooded with information of all kinds. Some of it is good. Some of it is, shall we say, dreadful. It’s no different when it comes to stripping the exterior of a fuel tank. The internet readily offers … Continued

Another way to clean out a rusty gas tank

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With reality and impatience biting at my heels (see previous post), I decided to improve my patience at a later date and, instead, deal with ‘reality’ by cleaning the tank with a revised process that can be done safely indoors. … Continued

How to clean out a rusty fuel tank

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Soon, the weather in the northeast will cooperate and let me to carry on with BYOB. December and most of January were fairly mild. Of course, all that went to hell in a hand basket when I picked up the … Continued

First steps to getting an old bike on the road

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The bike’s been home three weeks now, and in between snowstorms here in the Northeast, I’ve been working towards the first major milestone: Will it turn over and will it start? Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far. … Continued

Finding parts for old motorcycles

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So, one of the first questions someone encounters when embarking on a bobber project is…how do I find parts for this old bike? Thanks to the depth and breadth of the internet, the answer is not as hard as you … Continued

Choosing the project bike

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1984 Kawasaki 1100 LTD for sale. The bike needs a side cover gasket, easy to get to. Also needs front turn signals. Other than that it’s good. $700.00 cash or trade. It runs and the clutch is good. That was … Continued

What to look for in a project motorcycle

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Heads up: This is simply my two cents as someone who’s not a trained mechanic, engineer, fabricator or anything remotely similar. I’m just an avid, lifelong rider who’s spent a lot of time looking at and thinking about bikes. On … Continued

Let’s build a bobber

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I’ve wanted to build a custom bike since I chopped my first bicycle at 12 (…more on that here). Now, 48 years later, I’m finally getting around to it. What took so long, and why now? I don’t have a … Continued

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